Served Cold

Lobster with Broad Bean and Asparagus Salad in a Crisp Tartlet Case with a dab of Lemon Aiolo

Quail Eggs with Sesame, Celery, Sea Salt and Crispy Seaweed

Tuna Tartare with Sevuga Caviar and Sour Cream in Black Sesame Seed Cornets

Oriental Salad of Tea-poached Chicken with Coriander, Mouli, Bok Choy Sesame Seeds with a Lemon, Garlic and Chili Dressing held in a Fried Wonton Basket.

Shredded Duck Breast with Mustard Cress, Pink Grapefruit and Grated Apple with a Mild Harissa Dressing

Parfait of Foie Gras served on a Leek Brioche with Apple Chutney

Char-grilled Loin of Venison Brushed with Red Currant Jelly, Orange, Pickled Red Cabbage on Toasted Brioche

Carpaccio of Scottish Beef, with Rocket, mascarpone served on a croute drizzled with Truffle Dressing and Parmesan Shaving

Tartare of Scottish Beef on a Crisp Brioche, Deep-fried Capers, Softly poached Quail’s Egg and a Fine Brunoise of Shallot

Sashimi of Scottish Beef in Rice Paper Rolls with Chilli, Ginger, Papaya and Asian Greens with a grapefruit Sesame Oil with a grapefruit Sesame Oil

Quail Eggs with sesame, celery salt and crispy seaweed

Black Fig with Wild Rocket, Mascarpone and Roasted Red Pepper sitting on Toasted Pannetone

Strips of Zucchini filled with Ricotta and fresh Plum Tomato Sauce

Shots of White Tomato Consomme with Pecorino Wafer

Roasted Baby Beetroot with White truffle Crème Fraiche with Shavings of Black Truffle

Chicken Liver Parfait with Red Onion Marmalade on toasted Brioche

Tuna Tartare with Sour Cream and Dill on a Silver Teaspoon

Salmon Tartare with Sour Cream on Toasted Brioche

Bamboo Skewers of Salmon Gravlax with an Orange and Peppercorn Cream

Fresh Salmon Kebabs with Salsa Verde

Carpaccio of Salmon with Edible Flowers sitting in Toasted Brioche with Dill Cream

Crayfish Cocktail tossed with Mustard Leaf and Bloody Mary Mayonnaise served with Croustade

Peeled Prawns tossed in Chili and Lime Skins with Japanese Mayonnaise



Served Hot

Twice Baked Truffled New Potato with Fontina Cheese, Crispy Pancetta, Chives, Truffle Oil and Shaved White Truffle

Scallop and King Prawn Skewers wrapped in Parma Ham, Wild Mushroom and Tomato Dip

Chinese Chicken Kebabs served with a Spicy Mango and Toasted Sesame Seed Salsa

Malaysian Grilled Chicken tossed in Mint and Coriander with freshly Crushed Peanut

Sambal Fillet of Chicken Piri Piri served with a Greek Yogurt, Honey and Crispy Garlic Dip

Roast Chicken in a Tiny Jersey Royal bound with a Chicken Jus Bread Sauce

with Crispy Pancetta and Sage

Glazed Pink Duck Breast sitting on a Potato Rosti with Deep- Fried Crispy Ginger and Apple Jelly

Duck and Asian Spring Rolls with Sweet Soy Dip

Cumberland Sausages with a Creamed Puree Potato Scented with Mustard Mash

Cumberland Sausages with a Tomato and Herb Chutney

Lamb and Mint Sausages tossed in Mint Jelly served with Onion and Thyme Relish

Poached Quail’s egg and Smoked Bacon in a Filo Basket with Hollandaise and Black Pepper

Mini Jersey Royal filled with Roast Pork, Jus and Apple Sauce, Crispy Sage and Deep-Fried Pancetta

Mini Steak and Fondant Potato on a Skewer with Béarnaise Sauce


A Substantial Open Sandwich of beef sirloin, sun blush tomato, mustard leaf and mayo on toast focaccia.

Fillet of Lamb Marinated in Shallots and Honey, Roasted Pink and served on Branches of Rosemary

Mini Shepherd’s Pie of Lamb with creamed Celeriac in a Crispy Pastry Shell

Grilled Monkfish Marinated in Green Chilli and Lime with a Red Curry Dipping Sauce

Breaded Sole, Scampi and Chips served with Tartar Sauce

Creamy Risotto of Sorrell with Prawns

Mini Fish Pies with Bass, Cod, Salmon and Prawn and gently grilled Mash Potato